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I have a double factor dominant pied hen. Would that mean that I get 100% single factor dominant pied sky blue from this pairing?? Another issue, I have with that pairing is I think my male might be a yellowface type 1 double factor skyblue opaline instead.

The reason why I have this concern is that when I bought him from the pet shop, he came together with a male yellowface type 2 sky blue opaline. I have a feeling that they are brothers. Yet I could not find a reasonable explanation as to how they could be brothers since one is white face and the other being a yellow face.

This only made some sense to me when I have read your website that a yellowface type 1 double factor mutation will result in a white face.

Is there a big difference? Would that change the scale at all?

Just another question. I have another pair. I have a double factor violet sky blue cinnamon wing male paired with a yellow face type 2 sky blue opaline hen.

Since both cinnamon and opaline are sex linked recessive. It would be 50% cinnamon 50% opaline at least for the females while the males will be split for either mutations?

How does the yellow face fare against the white face? 50% single factor yellow face and 50% white face?

I feel really confused about the progeny for this pairing as well.

Do you have a book on budgie genetics to recommend? I am really keen to learn more. However, I can't find sufficient information in the net to make a safe assumption on how to calculate the progeny.

Just FYI: I have been using your Budgie mutation guide as a bible to learn the different budgie mutations ever since I saw it in one of your post. It was really helpful!

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