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Originally Posted by fritz View Post
I'm not good at this but it looks like a normal green Bud..LOL...As a matter of fact, if you have some time read over this, should be very helpful...This is my next task of education, learning about mutations...

Here ya go..

BTW, She does not look so vibrant as most budgies do...If your feeding only a seed diet, please get her on some wet foods like Shredded carrots, Broccoli, Rice (Brown is best) Corn, Sprouts..Perhaps do a food search...Her feathers is what I'm talking about and her beak seems a bit large which both is caused by a vitamin A and D-3 deficiency..Get her into the sun if possible, and start with some Shredded Carrots and Alfalfa Sprouts which all birds LOVE! Think she is cute now? Wait until those foods hit her!! BAM! She will glow in the dark

Hope this helps some

She is a rescue.. Just gother in yesterday. Her cage is already next to the window and she is on a seed and pellet diet, and all my birds get fresh food daily. I know she is a normal, but not sure how many dark factors she has