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Originally Posted by Vijay View Post
Thank you Sophie, it is a great help. Can you tell me how can i learn about breeding outcomes, like Punnett square etc..
Well I learned in a class about genetics, but I'm sure there are plenty of websites that can teach you. It's pretty simple once you really get into it. You just need to know the mutations, how they're inherited (ex. dominant, recessive, co-dominant, semi-dominant, incomplete dominant, X-linked, etc), what the phenotypes will be, and choose symbols to represent the mutations. Usually the first letter of the recessive trait is what you use. The dominant trait gets an upper case letter while the recessive gets a lower case letter, like with colour for example, B represents green (dominant), while b represents blue (recessive).
You can make Punnett squares or tree diagrams. Punnett squares are the simplest and best to use when examining 1 or 2 genes, but they can get tedious when examining many genes. Genes are what you are measuring (like height or body colour) and alleles are the specific options (like tall/short or green/blue). Here's a site that explains all the mutations and their method(s) of inheritance. It also has some example Punnett squares. https://www.****************/colors.html
I hope I helped! Good luck!