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Originally Posted by PinkyIsBlue View Post
Thanks! Thiswas very helpful :3

And what does the term "split" mean? Is that just a funny way of saying a bird carries a recessive gene, but it isnt visually expressed? Or does a carrier of the gene have tell tale markers on an otherwise unassuming bird and requires two sets of the gene to express corectly?
Yup! Split for something just means they carry it. Like a green bird split for blue has one green allele (which is dominant so it's the only one that's visible) and one blue allele (which is only visible in the presence of another blue allele). Split is usually represented as a '/', so for this example it would be green/blue. A bird that is split for a trait can show signs or not, since only some recessive traits have telltale indicators when the bird is split. Recessive pied is one recessive mutation that often (but not always) has signs that the bird is split for it. Usually a bird split for r. pied has no iris rings, a pinkish-purplish cere as a male, or a cere that is half pinkish-purplish, half blue, a small clear patch on the head and sometimes streaks of clear feathers around the neck. Not all of these will necessarily be present at once and many birds split for r. pied show no signs at all.

Usually split for something refers to the hidden trait being recessive but that is not always the case and sometimes a recessive trait can be dominant to an even more so recessive trait. Like with dilution, for example, clearwing and greywing are both recessive to normal but they're both dominant to dilute. So you could have a normal split for greywing or have a greywing split for dilute. But that's just one example.

I may post more mutations later like mottled, blackface, anthracite, slate, crested, and such. I hope this helped!