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In what way are his wings completely white? Are they all white with markings near the tops, or are they covered in markings with white beneath the markings? Also what colour are your male's eyes? If they're red, he could be a fallow (considering you mentioned the blue he has is very pale). I would guess maybe a cinnamon greywing, since the greywing mutation dilutes the body colour, but then again, you could just be referring to normal sky blue. And concerning his full white head, are you referring to his cap or to his entire head? If entire head, then maybe an opaline (or a dominant pied, which could explain the "white wings" if the markings are restricted to the tops). I'm excited to see these pictures!

Well I'll do the Punnett square assuming that he's just a sky blue cinnamon.
If the female is the first type of true violet, she would have one dark factor and one violet factor, so the chick's mutations would be:

12.5% violet male split for cinnamon
12.5% cobalt male split for cinnamon
12.5% violet-tinted male split for cinnamon
12.5% sky blue male split for cinnamon
12.5% violet cinnamon female
12.5% cobalt cinnamon female
12.5% violet-tinted cinnamon female
12.5% sky blue cinnamon female

If the female is the other type of true violet, then would have two violet factors and no dark factors, so the chick's mutations would be:

50% violet-tinted male split for cinnamon
50% violet-tinted cinnamon female

These are going to be some lovely chicks! And they may turn out even better if there are other mutations only a picture could reveal! I will post more Punnett square outcomes if there's new information on the parents' mutations. I hope I helped, good luck!