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Your hen isn't a dark eyed clear, she's a double factor spangle. Dark eyed clears have to have a recessive pied parent and a clearflight pied parent split for r. pied (not always, of course, but that's usually how it goes). Does your hen have iris rings? Double factor spangles have iris rings while dark eyed clears do not, since both her parents are normal spangles I can't imagine how on earth she could ever be a dark eyed clear. If her eyes don't have iris rings, it probably just means she is too young to breed.

Take a look at her parents again, though, if one or both are clearflight pieds, there is a small possibility they are both split for recessive pied and your hen could maybe be a double factor spangle dark eyed clear!

Your male sounds like either a yellowface type I or a double factor yellowface type II. Judging by the picture, I would guess a yellowface type II since the yellow is quite vibrant.

If you breed these birds together, their offspring will be:
100% single factor yellowface type II spangles!
The babies will have yellow faces, sea green bodies (after the first molt) and spangled wings.

If your hen is a dark eyed clear spangle, then the offspring will be:
50% yellowface type II spangled clearflight pied split for r. pied
50% yellowface type II spangle split for r. pied
(This is assuming that she only has one clearflight pied allele, if she has two, then all the offspring will be yellowface type II spangled clearflight pieds split for r. pied).

I hope I helped, good luck!