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Default What colours are my adults and babies?

Right, after going through about a billion websites and threads about budgie colours, I decided to ask you what colour my budgies are - there's too many to compare and I just get confused! they are all probably very normal and nothing exceptional, but I'm curious to know how they're called!

There's also a budgie baby in the nest who keeps confusing me - I named it Dusty as I thought there was only gray, and now there is some blue showing on the chest, back and cheeks so I'd like to know the possible name of this colour as I'm dying to know how it'll look like once grown up! This little one was supposed to go to a family member, but I am bonding with this baby big time and might just have to keep it...

I added pictures of another baby as well in case someone knows what colour it will be, just out of curiosity!

Thank you!

Here are the adults

And the 2 babies