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Default Missing eyes?

So my male parakeet, Blackbeard, is missing an eye.

Well, missing meaning it is nonfunctional and about 1/10 of the size it should be - it's not just an empty socket and he does have an eyelid. His lids will open and it will be black behind it, but it's more of a flat, matte black with no lively shininess. It doesn't bother him, and he honestly doesn't seem to notice. He has been checked out by a vet and they said it was 'anophthalmia', a genetic condition where one or both eyes are just shrunken or gone altogether.

Anyone else had a budgie with this? Also, although I am not planning on breeding him intentionally, the new budgie I have I believe to be female. Is it a dangerous thing if they do end up wanting to be parents? Should I prohibit breeding?

Again, he is in no pain and it doesn't bother him in the slightest - he's a perfectly healthy little guy otherwise and has a lovely disposition, but I don't want to risk having any one or no eyed babies!