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Default Too Soon

Wattle's passed away...

It was only five days ago when I went to the pet shop to find just two budgies there; Wattle and Sherbet. And they were obviously best friends and siblings, so I just couldn't leave one. I took both.

Wattle wasn't bonded to me yet. I had only so far semi-tamed him. Still, it's devastating. I instantly loved Wattle, filled with personality.

I don't know how it happened... Less than fifty minutes ago, I got home from school. Of course, I went to check all my pets first thing. When I got to the cage with Pickles, Sherbet and Wattle in it, I found poor Sherbet, frightened and upset, running around Wattle's body in a corner.

Less than two hours before, Mum had seen Wattle lively, tweeting and playing with the other two. When I found him, there was some red stuff on the feathers around his cere and his nostrils, which looked like possible blood. Some of the feathers on his head were turned the wrong way, and when I gently tried to smooth them back, it didn't work.

I'm so devastated. I hadn't even had Wattle for a week, and he's gone. And poor Sherbet's in a worse state than me; the two were best friends and siblings, unseperatable.

Does anyone have any idea what happened? Should I isolate these two, leave them in the cage, or put them with others? I'm afraid I don't currently have a spare cage. I'm a bit uncertain, and I'm in shock and upset, so I can barely think properly. Does anyone know what happened?
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