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Question What are my budgies' colours/mutations called?

Sorry if this is in the wrong thread, was confused as where to ask ^^;

Marcia and Lilly are now full-grown adults ( still hard to believe they're all grown up!) and I still have no idea what their colours/mutations are!

So I figured I'd come ask you guys what the proper names for them are. Sorry for bad quality photos, it's easier to take pictures with my phone of them since these guys aren't tame- that way I can put the phone up to the cage bars without scaring them too much!

First up, Lilly! (And yes, Horatio wouldn't leave her alone Glad that Horatio is happy again though.)

Back view

Front/side view

Side view

Front view

Sometimes when she's in the sunlight more you can see some purple/blue on her. This is easily seen when she was a baby- I have a photo of her and John here for comparison. Her body, as an adult, does seem to be a extremely light blue/purple? Not sure but you can see a slight colour difference in the photos as well ^^

And now for Marcia, who, like Lilly, has a very stalkerish mate named John Freebird. In real life she looks a brighter purple but it doesn't show up well on my phone.

Side view

Back view

Another side view

Sadly Marcia wouldn't let me take any photos of her front-on.

Thank you for all help