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Originally Posted by LittleFeatheredFriends View Post
No females can NOT be split for Opaline (or TCB, Slate, INO or Cinnamon) because these genes are carried on the Z chromosome, and they only have one (ZW), whereas males have two (ZZ). Because all sex-linked genes are recessive, whatever gene is on the male's first Z chromosome will dominate the sex-linked gene and make it a split, unless the first Z also carries the same sex-linked gene. Females only need one sex-linked gene to show it because the W chromosome does not carry any other mutation genes. I hope that makes sense.
Thanks Alexis - for the clarification!

It sure makes sense, as explained - and I thought this was the case with the Opaline (& other sex-linked) gene(s) I'm again reminded of how it work, so thx.

However this would mean that Sunshine may not actually carry the Opline gene visually - given the dad/mom -pairing noted above -correct...?

Would his markings not be a bit of/that of "opalescence"? - rather than "true-Opaline", given the wing markings are so "faint" the dad/mom pairing is very certain?

Thanks again for advice!

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