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Hi Francy...Repeat from earlier post.....The dark blue cere is not present in the fallow males but rather appears diluted in the prime breeding condition.To breed the best marked and color fallows breed to a normal green or blue even Opaline.Breeding to any rec pieds,spangles,dilutes,cinnamons or greywings will greatly reduce the markings as they will look more like a dilute spangle which defeats the purpose of breeding fallow in the first place.If I had to use a pied it would be a Dom Cobalt pied with violet if possible.You can breed to two separate hens the first year and then a chick from each pr. in the second year to get your visuals.Fallow with a white iris is a German fallow so don't cross these with an English fallow if you find one or you will not get any visual fallows.I mean English fallow variety not English type.Breeding to the larger is fine also.