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Originally Posted by Azurei View Post
Thank you the way you explain is is pretty much what I was expecting except the cobalts at the end, I wasn't sure on that one, I would have thought the chicks would get a dark factor off each parent and turn out mauve but was hoping not in case I did ever want to breed my Marli with Bobbit, I think they are both cobalt, although Marli is violet and dilute/greywing (something like that, she's in my avatar) so could be double factor violet skyblue, not sure! Bob is cobalt, so some violet cobalts from the pairing should turn up?

How about a cobalt with a sky blue?
No problem! Sky x cobalt will make half sky and half cobalt, as simple as that If Marli has violet in her, I'm sure you'd get some violet budgies then