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Default Using the Private Messaging System

The Private Messaging (PM) is a popular feature here at Talk Budgies. With the PM system, you can send a private message to another user(s). This can be useful in continuing a discussion that has gone off-topic with another user, contacting another member without having to post on the forums (and actually, whenever you want to contact another specific member, you should always do this via PM and not on the forums), and exchanging personal information. Even those these messages cannot be viewed by anyone other than who send the message to, it is still not recommended sending any sensitive information to anyone.

With that said, this guide will explain all the features of this system to you, and how you can access these features. To access the PM system, click the Private Messages link at the top of every page:

This will bring you to the PM page. Here, you can do a variety of things.

The first box you see is shows you the space you have available and how much you've used. The green bar is your total space. The orange bar is how much space you've used, total. The red bar is how much space you've used in the current folder. To change folders, use the Jump to Folder menu directly below the space indicator bar.

Next you find the search box. Here, you can search through your private messages. You can choose to search by keyword or username. If you choose keyword, you can search the entire PMs or just the PM titles. If you search by username, you can choose if that user sent you the PM (you received) or if you sent that user the PM (you sent). If you know the exact name of the user, you can check the Exact Name button. If not, leave this unchecked.

Below is the list of messages. As you can see from the screenshot below, they are listed in descending order by date received (newest PMs on top). Each row will tell you the PM title, who sent it (below the title), the date/time sent, and a checkbox. In addition, each date category (yesterday, Sunday, two months ago, older, etc.) will tell you how many messages are listed under that date category.

Now lets go more in depth with this message list. To select a private message, simply click its check box. To check all the messages under a date category, check the box for that date category. To select all messages on the current page, select the check box at the top of the box.

Now that you have the messages selected you want to do something to, scroll toward the bottom of the page. At the bottom of this box is a menu in which you can choose to do various things with the selected messages. You can move the messages to another folder, delete them, mark them as read (if you haven't read them yet), mark them as unread (if you've already read them), or download them in various formats. When you select the option you want, hit the Go button.

Editing Folders

Okay, let's say you have a lot of messages. You want to organize them a bit. How do you do this? Well, you can create more folders than the default two (Inbox and Sent Items). To do this, click the Edit Folders button in the left-hand column.

You will now see two parts to the Edit Folders page. The first part is "Standard Folders." This will show you how many messages are the two default folders (Inbox and Sent Items), and gives you the option to empty the folder. The next part (which you might not have) is "Your Custom Folders." These are folders you've created. Here, you can edit the name of a folder or delete a folder by simply removing its name from its field and saving the page. The next part is "Add New Folders." Here you can add new folders. Simply enter in the name of the folder(s).

Creating a Private Message

If you're responding to a PM, simply click the reply button at the bottom of the message.

If you need to create a new PM, click the Send a Message button in the left-hand column.

To create the message, simply work as you would creating a post on the forums. The editor is exactly the same. The only difference in the form is you must enter the recipient(s). The number of users you can send a message to at one time varies based on the number of posts you have.

To forward a PM to another user, simply click the forward button at the bottom of the message. You can also edit the message (for example, add your own comments) before sending it.