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Default R.I.P. Warsong

R. I. P.

Warsong in his prime, November of 2006

Warsong was my third budgie in this lifetime. We brought him home from the pet store a year and a month ago. He was never hand tame, even rather vicious at times, but he was greatly improving closer to the end of his life.

He got scaly face a little over a month ago. Just recently I was able to pay to bring him to the vet and he went for his first shot last Monday. He looked like he was getting better. Then this week I noticed he wasn't feeling great once more... throwing up, apparently. We scheduled a vet appointment for him. I also tried to find some medicine that might help him in the meantime, but it was all unavailable to me. I had to go out of town last night, so I've had my boyfriend checking on him -- he last saw Warsong around 2am last night before he went to bed.

My boyfriend found Warsong on the floor of his cage this morning. I blame myself for not catching it sooner. For the last two days of his life, he was sitting on the perch closest to the front of the cage and staring out when he usually sits at the back. I'm sure he was trying to tell me to make him better.

I had been thinking of getting a third budgie as soon as Warsong had completely recovered, but I've changed my mind, now. Obviously, no bird could replace him -- nonetheless, I have no plans to get a new friend for Feathermoon for the time being. Instead, I'd like to spend some time observing him to make sure he didn't catch Warsong's illness (though he was being kept in a separate cage in a different room), changing his diet to something healthier, and perhaps working on taming him some more. The best I can do for Warsong, now that he's gone, is make sure I take proper care of his best friend.

Warsong and Feathermoon

Warsong a few weeks ago before he was treated for his scaly face

Warsong last week, slightly disheveled as he was moulting


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