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Default A feathered baby budgie, is he pied?

Yes, it is the white one baby.
She has very pure colors. Except from a patch of light blue near her tail on her back (as shown in the first picture), she is completely pure white. She doesn't have the black patterns anywhere.
I think she cannot be a double dominant pied, because her father is a normal blue parakeet. And her mother is a greywing, clearflight. (See the last two pictures, there is a patch on the mother's head. Although she is greywing and this patch is hard to be observed.) She has a brother which is blue clearflight, and she has a sister which is green opaline.
The very last photo is taken when the chicks are very young in their nest. The yellow parakeet most under the three babies is their mother (The babies like to step on their mother's back).
Does any one have any idea what the white baby is?






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