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I was able to find your picture of mom and dad. Mom looks like a Yellowface type 1 opaline. This should mean that chick #1 is a male.

Dad appears to be a normal cobalt blue, meaning that he carries a dark factor. It looks like mom may be a cobalt too, but she also looks greyish, so an expert would be able to tell you for sure. She doesn't look sky blue to me, so I would venture to guess that she probably has a dark, grey, or violet factor. If she does carry a dark factor too, you could have some mauve blue chicks!

Since both parents are white based (blue) birds, the chicks will be blue too, since it is a recessive trait.

Also, since nether parent is pied, they must both be split for recessive pied. Chick #2 should be a female recessive pied.

I believe cinnamon is a dominant gene, so if the parent birds were split for it, it is possible that your babies are cinnamons.
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