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I read here and there that the Easlys had "Their cheek patches are a shade of grey/silver regardless of their body colour... ...However, Tom Easley did say that the cheek patches of the original stock were pale violet*".

Somewhere else, Easley again: The body colour is changed from blue or green to white or yellow and the wing barring, flights and shaft feathers become jet black. Throat spots are black and the cheek patch is pale bluish or lavender." This describes perhaps the idealised variety, and only double factor Clearbodies approach this ideal.**

Her cheek patches are violet, her legs are pink and she has black eyes with irises. I thought that she was supposed to have grey/blue legs to be a Texas? Can she be a Texas with pink legs?
I'm even more confused now. Not that I don't believe you, but I don't understand.
I also read that the Easley was more common in Europe and this is a french budgie (that's probably why it causes all this fuss!)

Somewhere else, the cheek patches of the Easley are lavender.

I think budgie breeders should be taught about colour, because between one description an another it is completely different. They should use Pantone colours to make their descriptions.