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Default The Food Fight Continues

For anyone who might be interested, here is the link to the post I did about making mash

And here are the photos of the ensuing event

First I put some in Fred's bowl

I placed that in his cage. This was his reaction.

I see that. I see that stuff in my bowl. It's not what it's supposed to be!

Could've been a basketball player, I'm that good at the fake out. Thought I was going to try it, didn't you?

(note Fred's body language. He was chirping a bit, and unnerved by the stuff in the bowl. Not outright fear, but nearly).

After some consideration I decided to take Fred into the kitchen and have a look at some of the mash, spread out safely on a plate.

He felt better watching it from the bananas

And from the back of a chair

Eventually I persuaded him to stand on the stuff, and now I have mashy, budgie foot-shaped prints all over my kitchen

Fred then decided perhaps a tour of the previously frightening kitchen was in order. So he visited the tomatoes

Inspected the counters

He's on the chopping board. I love that the irony escapes him

I let him check everything out and do his own thing, so the mash didn't become a full on stress point. He seemed to enjoy himself. And he ate ... nothing!

It was all very exciting. Time for a doze by the window.

Fred and I continue to 'discuss' Fred's dietary requirements. Hopefully next time it will be a thread showing him with mash all over his beak!