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Default My first time

Hello everyone, newly registered member here, kinda got myself into a little situation.

I wasnt planning on being a budgie "breeder", but my rescued birds had other ideas.
They were acquired from 2 different places, both unwanted throw-away pets.
I have had them for a few months now, and they have really come around, they look nice and plump with vibrant colors and it seems they have a certain "zest for life" now too.

I didnt know that the nestbox would cause all this, but after reading this website and other sources online, I see that I should have removed it.
But now it is too late for that.

So Im going to give it a go, Im going to let my birds raise one family and thatll be it.
I have the space to keep any babies, and to tell the truth Im kind of excited about all this.
I have now been doing lots of research into raising a budgie family, and i am pretty confident in my ability to help if i need to.

My birds have been well spoiled in the time I have had them, so i know they are healthy, its been nothing but good food and lots of play and attention.

So anyways, Im just asking for a little help with all the names and descriptions for budgies, I had no idea it was like this until I started looking around once I saw eggs.
Ive just called them "the yellow/green one" and "the blue one"... but apparently there is more to it than that, and honestly the genetics intrigue me.

So here is a couple pics of my birds, the yellow and green one is the male, the blue one is the female.
Will you guys please help me identify what mutation my birds are, and what might I expect in the way of babies?
I would love to have a baby that has the dads pattern with the moms blue.white colors, is that a possibility?

Thankyou all so much for your time!