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ok, so what makes it double factor??
I thought the nice clean band on his chest and the clean band around his head makes for a single factor?
See, i just dont understand the difference, even after reading the "confusing mutations" page.

I thought the double factors were the ones with pretty much no color at all...

Originally Posted by Aisliyna View Post
It looks like your male is double factor dominant pied so you'd get all single factor dominant pied babies. If dad is split for blue, you'd get 50/50 blues and greens, if he's not split for blue you'd get all greens, split for blue.
Im seeing you say that ALL babies will be single factor pied, only the color depends on if the male is split, right?
So if and when these eggs hatch and the babies get feathers, Ill know if the male was split to blue if there are any blue babies, but in reality at this point I can expect(based on visual) to get more green/yellow pieds like dad, but they will for sure be split to blue?

Im cool with whatever the babies turn out to be, I just got to reading a little too much these last couple days....
I appreciate everybodies time!

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