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Originally Posted by Aisliyna View Post
It's funny how English budgies are more expensive in other countries. Here the are the same cost and popularity.

I wouldn't recommend 2 English girls if you wish to breed. Imagine how hard it would be for the little male to mount a hen twice his size or more? English/pet mixes usually involve pet hen and English cock. If they are not for breeding then 2 English girls would be fine

I wouldn't go back to same breeder for a hen with similar coloring unless the breeder is sure they wouldn't be related. Greywings are not rare mutations to answer that question.

If you were to pair up 2 birds with mutations like this you would get some normal grey wings and some dominant pied, sky blue and cobalt.
Yes i agree. It is exactly what i wrote. You could breed male Exhibition budgies with smaller hens.

English budgies cost 3 times more expensive here where i live