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Default my little baby

my budgie died yesterday

he was sitting in the cage all puffed up, wouldn't eat or drink.
i took him out and could see something was wrong, he kept trying to hide under my jacket. we phoned the vet and we brought him in wrapped up in a little box.

the vet said that he was underweight and had something wrong with his intestines.
there was no way of knowing.
she said it was 50/50 whether he would make it. she kept him in overnight
and we went back home. i was so worried i couldn't sleep
I went to school the next morning, he was on my mind all day, and when i got home my mum said that he had died that morning.
I couldn't stop crying, infact im crying as I type this.

He was the most beautiful little thing, he couldn't fly so he would run around on the floor, and i could hear his little feet. he was always finding ways to get himself into trouble, and i'd hear him tweeting for me to come find him.
it breaks my heart to think that i will never hold him again,watch him play, or laugh at the silly little things he did.

i know i will never forget him, and although i had him for such a short time
he made a huge impact on me. i am so lucky to have had him.
The reason im here is because i dont think anybody else really understands.

im so sorry to everyone who has lost their pets and i know exactly how much it hurts.

i only hope i gave him a good life and that he is in a better place.
my beautiful little baby. i loved you so much.

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