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I recently lost my cat, an old rescue I got from the pound. He was the cuddliest, most affectionate cat I've ever seen, always coming to greet me, preferably lying on my lap all day. I had him for a bit over a year when his kidney's started failing and he had seizures. He was put down a few weeks ago.
Right after and for some weeks I felt really lost. The apartment was horribly empty without him and I couldn't fall asleep without him cuddled up next to me. That's when I decided to bring over my old budgie from my mom's place. The grief gets less over time, but having something to focus your energy on really helps too. When you're ready, do consider getting a new bird or other pet. Death and grief is part of owning pets, but it's worth it for the joy they bring during their lives. The best of luck in the upcoming time, it *****.
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