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Default Impossible Mutations

Sometimes I get to thinking about my birds too much....

Every "mutation" that budgies have are pretty much man-made, is this a mostly-correct statement?
I mean, I know the genetics were there before people got there hands on them, but it took cages and selective breeding to get away from wild-color green and yellow birds.

I dont think there are too many cobalt recessive pied spangled doublefactor yellowface opaline single factor violet English-sized budgies flying wild in outback Australia with the massive flocks.... maybe some escaped pet birds in the cities though

Anyways, I'm just wondering if all of the mutative potential of the budgie has been reached.

Here is a list of some mutations I would like to see....

Greenino= all green with whitish flight/tail
blueino= all blue w whitish flights/tail
blueface-green= green bird with blue face
greenface-blue= blue bird with green face
blue/greenface-yellow/white= yellow or white bird with a colored face
greyface- fairly self explanatory
black budgie= seriously, why on earth is there not a all-black budgie already in existence???
red/orange colors= see "black budgie" above ^^^; add to any colored-face-combo above

I mean, isn't there like a special team of top people somewhere working on this problem?

How cool would it be to have a red dfgreyfaceII....