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There are limitations in every species when it comes to mutations. For example it is very rare for a gene to malfunction in only a part of the animal (blue and green in the same bird for example)... Unless it's a chimera of some sort in which case it is not a mutation that could be passed on to the offspring.

Most (if not all - I must admit I didn't manage to read them all yet as I'm in a moving buss ) the mutations you listed are unfortunately impossible to produce, but it takes some genetic knowledge to undestand why. I can try to explain some cases more when I get home on a real computer.

There's a but though! By combining mutations you can get for example a bird that looks much like the one you named "blueino", a blue df spangle opaline (and the same works for green too but it needs some pied mutation to get white-ish flights): (I don't know who's photo it is so I can't post it as a photo, only link to it).

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