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Lightbulb Feather Dye

Originally Posted by SarahR View Post
simple....get some pet friendly feather dye ^.^ )
It's called food coloring.

My lutino white-faced cockatiel was purple for a very long time and still has some purple feathers on her wings.

You just need food coloring, warm water, and a spray bottle. You need your bird to be completely drenched to begin with so that the color won't just run off, so they won't be terribly happy with you, but as food coloring is permanent in white feathers I sincerely doubt you'll need to do it again. Gel cake coloring works best. Adding a tiny pinch of Epsom salt to the water will make the color last longer. It works best if you boil your water with the pinch of Epsom salt and food coloring, and then let it cool. Blending the mixture this way makes for much more even coloring.

I learned this from a woman who had to move to California for work, but Quaker parakeets are illegal to own there and she couldn't bear to part from her little one. So she experimented a little and eventually dyed the white part of the bird (the tummy) bright orange with food coloring and made up an imaginary name for the parrot's species. If she's ever caught, the bird will be put down, but she re-dyes the feathers once a month, so I doubt anybody will figure it out.