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Default RIP Charlie Budgie :'(

My mother uncovered my budgie's cage this morning (I live away from home with my husband, and mum takes care of my birds), and Charlie was found dead on the bottom of his cage
As you can imagine, I was (still am) shocked. I have been a blubbering mess all day. Charlie was my first budgie... my in laws found him in their back yard about two years ago, he had flown away from his previous owners. We couldn't find his owners so I took him in. He looked barely a year old. I nicknamed him "chirpy Charlie" because he had so much to say. He was semi-tame, he didn't really like coming out of his cage, but he didn't bight hard.
I just don't understand. It is winter over here, and I kept him next to my cockatiel on the back patio. He was always covered up at night time with two layers, but could he have died from the cold possibly? It was a cold night, but I really didn't think that the cold could kill him?
I am pretty sure I fed him right, I looked after him. Is a heart attack possible? I really don't know. I feel like I am to blame, but everyone else is saying that it just happened. But really, what did I do wrong? Could I ever trust myself again to take care of a budgie?