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Unhappy We miss her

I thought of writing my heart out here today because I am sad. I have been sad and heart broken since the day I lost my first budgie, Moon. It was that fateful day in the month of December when I woke up to the screams of my mother. I knew something terrible had happened. I rushed to her and saw her hugging the cage and crying. I looked inside and Moon was lying still. No movement. No chirping. No nothing. Those eyes which used to brim with excitement were now lifeless and dull.

Moon was an extremely energetic, curious and an intelligent Budgie. She was the star of our family. We used to wake up to her incessant chirping. She and Sun (her partner) had the best relationship. The one true love sorts.

Her partner knew something bad had happened. He was frantically trying to wake her up. He kept on nudging at her lifeless body.

I picked up Moon and kissed her like a thousand times. I was begging her to chirp again. Imploring her to come back. I was a mess and so was Sun. He was quiet the whole day. He kept on looking for her. Sun was never the same after that day. It has been 8 months since Moon died and Sun hasn't moved on. He hasn't accepted any partner. He has guy friends and he enjoys a decent flight with them but his personality has changed. He has sobered down a lot. Maybe that is what losing your one true love does.

We gave Moon the best burial. She deserved it.

After that day I changed as well. I had seen their love blossom. I had witnessed their love story. And that is by far the most beautiful Love I have experienced in my life. It beats the likes of even the timeless romantic movies.

I knew what Sun was going through. I still feel his pain. Because I lost someone I loved as well. As they say the language of love is universal. Thanks to Moon and Sun, I got to witness a very pure and pious form of love.

Sorry for this long post. I just miss her. I hate seeing Sun alone. And I am so grateful to this community. It is a pleasure to be around people who genuinely love these little ones. I am so happy that so many budgies are being loved and cared for. I feel happy and blessed to be a part of this community where everyone is so nice and caring and benevolent.

Thank you.

Love at first sight:

The last kiss.
I guess Sun knew something was wrong. They stayed like this for 10 minutes. Completely still. They used to stand like this a lot, but this day it was different. It was longer than usual.

The final Goodbye.

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