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Default Goodbye Little Sparkle

My little Sparkle passed on yesterday. She was always weak and needed vitamins and medicine. She was not even one year old yet. She started getting weaker and weaker, flying and then going to the floor. Last week she lost a lot of feathers. Two days ago she seemed exhausted. I had been taking her to the vet who believed she was genetically weak. Yesterday morning when I uncovered their cage, she was collapsed on the floor. I rushed her to the vet and she told me it was confirmed for her that she had a genetic respiratory disease and there was nothing to do to save her. She said she could give her an injection, but I asked her if it would save her and she said no, only prolong her life a little. I decided no because it would have hurt her and frightened her. She gave her a few hours. Stinker, her mate, was frantic and sure enough, by the afternoon she died. I left him with her for awhile, then wrapped her up in cotton, and took her out last night. He was frantic this morning, buzzing my head and calling and calling. Finally after a few hours, he realized she was gone and has been silent all day. He adored her, never was more than an inch away from her, fed her, groomed her and sang constantly. Now he is silent. Poor baby, he lost his love. Poor little Sparkle.

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