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Default R.I.P. My Pretty Morgan Bird!

It's so hard... Literally everything I did at home, he was right there with me. Anytime he would hear food wrappers- cellophane- he would come over to see if I would share. I would share Popsicles with him. He loved to sit on the side of my cereal bowl and peck at the frosted flakes. If I turned on the faucet, he would come over and beg for a drink, somewhat grunting, and being impatient. If I got a glass of water, he wanted to drink from my glass. If I went to the bathroom he would come in there and sit on the mirror and talk. When I got out of the shower, I had him trained to wait to fly over until I at least got a shirt on. In the morning I would go to the cage and lift the covers saying. "Morning Morgan! Morning Bay Bay!" And it became a phrase he said, "Morning Morgan" but it sounded more like, "Morgan Morgan". If I was laying on the couch, he'd want to lay next to my face and give me birdy kisses. When I was in the bedroom, he and Bay would call back and forth from different rooms until one of them flew to the other. If I was laying in bed reading articles on my phone, he had to sit with me and would peck at the screen, and somehow, the screen recognized his peck as a touch and he would end up clinking links or something. Every day I came home from work, I would go in the bedroom and say, "Morgans! A Bay Bay!!!" And I can't do that anymore... Right now I'm sitting in my bed trying to do paperwork, but it's so off because he's not here, sitting at the mirror telling himself how pretty he is, or sitting with me saying, "mommas the best" or sitting on my laptop biting my fingers because he thinks they are attacking him... And oh, I just don't know what to do with myself since he's not here because he was so involved and such a huge part of my home life that literally every single thing reminds me of him, even when I'm trying so hard to not be sad he's gone and just be so grateful that I had such an awesome bird...image.jpg
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