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Thank you all for your support! I came to the right place... I feel so awkward because I am a community support specialist- basically a non-certified social worker- and I meet with people every week who have so many larger problems than their bird dying... I took 2 days off work after he passed because I was basically hyperventilating while crying...
It is getting easier... I actually wrote those words a week ago trying to catch up on paperwork, but it still fits how I feel today in many ways... I have a female named Bay who I got 2 years ago and we recently got Mikey, he's a green male... They like each other and the main reason I got him was because within an hour after he passed, Bay started singing and calling out and there wasn't an answer... We actually got him that night because my husband said I needed to get out of the house- Bay's unanswered call was making me sick...
I have come to this site many times before to find information about different things like when I got Bay, it was to find out if I should get another male or if I should get a female... Today, while researching what happened to Morgan- some digestive issue- I figured I visit this site often enough to be a member, so I signed on.
Thanks again for the support... I may still feel a little broken but I'm just glad I found someone outside of my husband who also tells me it's ok to mourn... Thank you!
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