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Default Goodbye Captain Parakeet

Captain was with me for 9 years.
I got him at a Petsmart in Long Beach Ca on Easter 2007. I figured he was already an older bird because his tail feathers were frayed and he was in a cage with a flock of babies. He was stunning. He won a contest in PetMag online in 2008! He came home talking in 3 different languages! I uncovered him on his first day with me and he said "cute bird" right out of the box. Then my dad heard him on the phone and thought I had bought a canary instead. Yes the cage was next to a small flock of canaries. After he got settled in he got a Sparrow friend that came twice a day once at 8am and once at 4pm to give him the Sparrow news. I thought he might like a cage mate so I went back to the same store and picked out a robust grey and white boy who was rolling a carrot around on the cage floor. I named him Cloud. Captain and Cloud went with me and my husband for 3 moves and had various other pets. I tried having Lineolated Parakeets but they became to hard to with the upkeep of the cage and hand feedings.
Now in June of 2014 i started to see Captain slow down so I began looking for a replacement to keep Cloud. What I found was a Sparrow! She had fallen from the nest in Long Beach and I nice lady hand fed her. The other animals did not like her and were trying to get at her cage. The nice lady drove all the way to my house out in Moreno Valley Ca and delivered this little baby birdie to my house on the 4th of July. Cloud took a liking to her right away. She is spunky and smart and cuddly. She exudes femininity and fun without the risk of parakeet babies. She and Cloud have been playing hide and seek and chirping together all day. We have a flock of wild Sparrows that eat seeds I put out every morning.
So Captain slowed down for 2 weeks and finally did not have the energy to get up. My husband tucked him into a little cardboard box with towels. He struggled for another whole day. It was very sad. He finally passed after I said good night and sang his good night song one last time.
He was a joy. He was so smart and talked in English . He loved keeping the house schedual running on time. Feeding and covers and and hellos. I will miss his bright and ship shape attitude.
Thank you all here on the forum for letting me post this memorial.
Here are a few pictures
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