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Default she died.........

My birdie died. She had a feather cyst, which had grown very big and vet just gave some medicines and said, it would go away on its own, but it did not go and today when i was giving her the medicines, the cyst started bleeding, and the blood was not less, it was in the 1/4 of the handkerchief, so after 5 minutes bleeding stopped, but she was feeling very weak, and was not able perch, so she sat on the cage floor, but she was eating, but suddenly after 5 hours, she was not able to sit, she was not able to control her feet's, i thought she's just too weak, but when i observed it, it seemed to be paralyzed, so i took her out of the cage, so that i could feed her the tomato juice, and then take her to the vet the next day(as it was late night). but after 10 mins of taking her out of the cage, she started flapping her wings weirdly(it seemed she's not flapping the wings, but its happening automatically- may be was a paralyses attack). and then her heart beats stopped. what was the reason for her death, was it a paralyses attack or it was a heart attack, and did it all happen because of bleeding.