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Thank you so much everybody, I truly appreciate your wonderful words of kindness. It has been very hard and for everybody else who loses their close companions. Tiko was my baby and it feels like I've lost one of my close friends! I have videos of him on YouTube to remember him by.

I think I might be getting another baby, since we breed them here but it won't be the same, you know? I will always remember him. I just lost a cockatiel seven months ago too which was also very hard. She was old though and had a good life. Tiko did too but he got sick a lot unfortunately.

When you mentioned that he had been tossed out of the nest and that you never really knew what was wrong, it makes you wonder if the parents knew something was wrong.
Yes, we were thinking that too now. It was a shame but I am so glad I got him and got to spend the time with him for the past year. He just learned to talk as well which makes things worse.

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