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Default jupiter died.... :(

How can a budgie go from completely fine one night, to dying in my hand the following morning? When i uncovered them he fell to the bottom of his cage. I reached in to do their food and he didnt move so i picked him up. He was alert and had yellow stuff below his beak. So thinking nothing of it, i took him to sink and wet my finger and slightly washed it off and was rubbing his head and he seemed fine still other than he has never just laid there on his back and chilled. I was getting ready to take a pic thinking wow i am the new bird whisperer and he started to look funny. So i took him immediately to his cage and he laid to his side. I picked him back up and he took his last breaths and closed his eyes. Was a horrible morning. Kids are devastated and to top it off my elderly cat died this morning, my husband found her. We have to tell the kids yet tonight. I asked God last night if he would take kitty in her sleep, he did. He also took jupiter. I dont know how old he was i have had him a year. I rescued him from someone else who didnt want their budgies anymore. Glad i got this good year in. Jupiter ate alllll the time. Was a running joke. "Oh look who got to it first." Lol we would chuckle. Jupiter loved food. He serious ate all day long. I dont know if something i gave them yday he ate too much of it or what but if i thought it was my fault id be devastated. I gave them peas, green beans, carrots, and corn w their scrambled eggs. I googled online about corn and it seemed ok to give. Needless to say just in case i wont give them corn again. Im just sick to my stomach. People made fun of my son at school asking why he was crying. He told them about his bird and they laughed at him and said its only a bird. They are not only birds, they are part of the family and he will be sooooo missed.