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Default Baby skin pigment and pieds

I have a dominant pied male and recessive pied female breeding at the moment. I know that dad is split to greywing and that neither of his parents were recessive pied, but I realize the gene can hide for generations..

Three babies are old enough to see pigmentation in the wings and shoulders (11, 9 and 7 days) but don't have feathers yet. I know I will eventually be able to see more, but I just love to learn and wonder about these things and I must admit I'm a little impatient also.

Oldest baby is very clearly a pied. It has pigment on both shoulders, but none in the wings. Other shoulder has a clearly larger spot than the other, which I'm thinking is not that typical for a dominant pied though? Or is it? The father is very symmetrical and so have been all other dominant pieds I've seen. I know to look for the chest band and other usual markings once it grows though.

Second baby is clearly non-pied. And probably opaline since it seems to have a bright white down. No big mysteries there.

But the third baby is a bit odd. It has no pigmentation on the skin whatsoever. There might be a teeny tiny spot on the other wing (just at the tip) and if so, it's only one or two feathers (compared to pied cockatiels that I have more experience on).

Now I have a few options:
1) Dad is actually split to recessive pied and baby number 3 is a combination of both. (I'm guessing this is the most likely option..)
2) Baby number three is a greywing. Do they have visible pigment on the skin at that age?
3) Mom is actually a very weird looking dominant pied or a dutch pied? Does anyone know what dutch pied and dominant pied combination looks like? Mom doesn't have white iris rings though, but I wouldn't call them black either... they're just very dark grey.

Here's mom from the sides and front:

What do you guys think?

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