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Originally Posted by annip View Post
I have a dominant pied male and recessive pied female breeding at the moment. I know that dad is split to greywing and that neither of his parents were recessive pied, but I realize the gene can hide for generations..

Three babies are old enough to see pigmentation in the wings and shoulders (11, 9 and 7 days) but don't have feathers yet. I know I will eventually be able to see more, but I just love to learn and wonder about these things and I must admit I'm a little impatient also.

Oldest baby is very clearly a pied. It has pigment on both shoulders, but none in the wings. Other shoulder has a clearly larger spot than the other, which I'm thinking is not that typical for a dominant pied though? Or is it? The father is very symmetrical and so have been all other dominant pieds I've seen. I know to look for the chest band and other usual markings once it grows though.

Second baby is clearly non-pied. And probably opaline since it seems to have a bright white down. No big mysteries there.

But the third baby is a bit odd. It has no pigmentation on the skin whatsoever. There might be a teeny tiny spot on the other wing (just at the tip) and if so, it's only one or two feathers (compared to pied cockatiels that I have more experience on).

Now I have a few options:
1) Dad is actually split to recessive pied and baby number 3 is a combination of both. (I'm guessing this is the most likely option..)
2) Baby number three is a greywing. Do they have visible pigment on the skin at that age?
3) Mom is actually a very weird looking dominant pied or a dutch pied? Does anyone know what dutch pied and dominant pied combination looks like? Mom doesn't have white iris rings though, but I wouldn't call them black either... they're just very dark grey.

Here's mom from the sides and front:

What do you guys think?
The mom looks like a recessive pied to me. Here is a picture of a young greywing dominant pied chick getting fed by it's mom. I wonder if the pigment on his wing is similar to what you are seeing in your chick. If your male is not split recessive pied you should expect normals and dominant pied chicks