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Originally Posted by Jonah View Post
Pip, all I can say is...WOW....she is beautiful....

Bethany has shared some great info with you. I don't know if you have nutriberries available but they are great for getting bird's going on pellet's. Let her see you eat whole lettuce leaves for a few day's and then put one in her cage. Sprouting some of her favorite seed would be a good thing too....
Sigh, she is beautiful, isn't she??!!

I've tried Harrison s pellets but shedoesnt touch them. For about a month I mixed every day broccoli with her seeds and I think she finally started eating a bit. At least her poo looked a bit greenish but then I got worried about overdosing her with brocolli so today she is getting spinach, coriander and carrots.

I munched a bit of spinach in front of her and told her how delicious she is but she just looked at me as if I'm some sort of barbarian eating crazy green stuff...