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Default Getting a feathered friend.

Back in October 2014 I became a budgie owner again, with Bill and Ben. who I estimate were about six weeks old at the time; still with the barred feather markings on their foreheads. One night for Christmas Day I left them alone in my flat for just the one night, while I went to Mum's and stayed overnight with her. I'd thoroughly cleaned the cage out on December 24th; the seed hopper was full, a piece of millet was attached to the bars of the cage and of course there was clean fresh water available. When I came back home on the evening of December 26th, Ben (the green budgie) was dead on the bottom of the cage - after having been in apparently perfect health only the day before, when I last saw him alive as he was stuffing his beak with seed.

Billy, the blue budgie, doesn't appear to have gone down with any sort of infection and as he's now completed his first moult he's a rather handsome little bird.

I would like to get a feathered friend for Billy, but is it safe to do so now? And what age/sex of budgie should I go for? Would a baby budgie with the barred forehead be best, or would a slightly older bird be OK?

I'm in no desperate hurry to get another budgie, but I just wanted people's advice as to when it's safe to get a second bird.