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I have my 2 budgie boys.
My SO and I used to have a rescue German Shepard cross breed(most likely lab), we expect that she'd been abused physically, but we never got to know, she was terrified of everyone except me and my SO.

We introduced her to our oldest budgie, and we were a little sceptical. First day she tried to snap him while he was flying out, without luck fortunately, and we told her off for it, ever since she never even flinched at him. He continued to try and land on her head and land beside her and play, and the poor girl was all confused, not knowing what to do.

She continued to chase birds and other animals outside, but never showed a tooth at our budgie after that first time. She had patients with him, and she sniffed him, even tried to lick him one time.

My SO was so scared that she'd eat him, this one time when he landed next to her, when she was laying in the window and I told him to leave them to it, see what happened, and surely, they just sat next to each other and looked out the window. I'd never seen her so calm before in my life, next to something so small. It was like our budgie boy was a little scent of relaxation for her.

Unfortunately we had to give her away. We couldn't save her. She continued to try and attack people, even people in our home. Growl, bark, snap, bare her teeth at people, other dogs, everyone, we couldn't control her and she eventually drew blood on a guy. Luckily for us, he was fine, understood us and didn't press charges.

When she'd been with people for an hour or more, she was the most loving dog I've ever been with. She had a real personality, she was like a person in a dog form. Full of life and expression.

We ended up having to put a harness on her, a mussel and never go near people. We couldn't give her the exercise she needed, so we gave her back to the RSPCA, for her own good. We don't know how she's currently doing as they can't share information with us, but the RSPCA did everything they could for us, to make giving her back the last option.

I've attached some pictures of her, if you'd like to know what she looks like.

And I'd never keep a cat and birds in the same house.
My SO would love to have a cat, but we both don't think it'd work.

(Please ignore how very not pretty I am. I was a little bit ill at the time. )


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