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Hi, thanks for taking the time to respond

Firstly, I hope shes not having an egg I'd be making a lot more help me threads if that were the case!

Behaviour wise, shes been pretty happy.. at least from what I can tell. Shes singing more, and coming closer to me in general. Shes been trying more food that I offer, so yes, she has been eating more.

It has been really warm here lately, since it is summer and all, so I have been trying to keep both budgies inside with me more often than not. Could it be that inside is too cold for her? I keep the air con on anywhere between 25 to 27. Nice and cool. Better than 35+ outside.. then again they are birds.. could this be is too cold?

I will try and get a picture but she wont let me hold her yet.

Thanks so much for your reply!

EDIT: as for age, they were bought at the markets and given to me as a gift, I'm told they're about a year old, and she is with one other bird I am told is a male. They do tend to groom each other and snuggle a lot. I assume this was probably more friendship behaviour than courtship.