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Default Want to adopt an older, disabled bird

I have a 9 year old disabled budgie named Dio; he has neurological problems resulting from lead poisoning and cannot feel his feet well. I have a special cage specifically designed for him, with lots of platforms and flat surfaces for him to chill on. I want to adopt a friend for Dio, as Dio's cagemate Mr. Bird passed last year, but I've run into a problem.

If I adopt a younger budgie (1-3 years old), there is a risk that Dio might pass in a couple years and I'll be left with a budgie that's reaching middle age (5-7). If healthy, this means I have many more years with this keet, but it'll be lonely, and I'll have to get another bird.... see what I'm saying? I need to break the cycle. I want to adopt an older bird so it might pass the same time as Dio. In theory.

Finding an older parakeet to adopt is difficult. Finding an older, disabled one is **** near impossible. I went through the entire adoption process through Mickaboo in San Jose, California, and passed all their tests. I was matched with a disabled bird named Tater (brought into the rescue in 2014, age unknown). Unfortunately, Tater passed away before he could be transferred down to me
Mickaboo says all their disabled birds are younger, as many get surrendered soon after birth. That said, I'm having some trouble getting straight answers from Mickaboo on keets' ages because they seem to have a vague idea of how long some disabled budgies have been in foster care, but no actual numbers in the database. None of their disabled keets have leg bands either.

So they've said that they don't have another bird that's a good fit. Mickaboo said they could look into an older, healthy bird, but this is a rare chance for a disabled bird to get a great home. Is it unrealistic of me to keep looking for an older, disabled bird? Anyone have any leads?

I live in California.