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Default Daisy's confidence is growing :)

Lately I've been trying to get into a better routine of letting the birds out of their cages!
Usually I let bandit my cockatiel out daily & I try to fit the budgies in as much as possible but sometimes it was only twice a week they were let out.

Well since change of job I've got a bit of a different routine now & the budgies have been allowed to come out every day.

I open the cage sometime in the morning, for the first week or so Daisy would remain in the cage unless I would bring her out- which I'd rather her choose to come out.

Finally the other day after Ollie, Kirby & Charlie had been playing for at least half an hour I looked up from my computer to see Daisy climbing out of the cage

Since then she has been coming out every day! Today she was second out of the cage!!! This makes me so happy!

She doesn't always venture as far as the other budgies because of course she is more timid as she can't fly like them, but she seems to be really enjoying coming out!

Also Bandit my cockatiel has had to learn to share the room with the budgies! usually she avoids them but every now and then she has been landing on the play gym and sitting close enough to them as long as Ollie doesn't start chasing her around

I'm so very happy with my birds at the moment and just love watching them play & see how happy they all seem