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Default Breaking Budgie Bonds?

OK to keep this as less confusing as possible here are by birds living arrangements:

Cage 1: Guys and Emmy(both hand tame)-Love at first site, clean, kiss and feed each other
Cage 2: Yogi and Stella(Not so hand tame)- get along peacefully, but don't kiss, feed each other or kiss.

They all get along wonderfully when out for play time together and as they take turns discovering each others cages. I sometimes come back after out of cage time to find them with their different mate chilling in different cages and all is good.
Gus however is Mr. Popular and they all seem to just love him. He my tame super chill guy.

Anyways I am having a hard time working with Yogi and Stella to hand tame them. Yogi is defiantly made more progress. I think Stella just naturally might be a bit more standoffish which is fine by me, but I want her to be tame enough to feel safely handled for things like wing chips, nail trims and vet trims.
I find when Stella is out with Gus she is more chill. I imagine its because she sees that Gus is so calm with me.
I thought about caging Stella with Gus in one cage and having Yogi and Gus in another.
My question is though since Gus and Emmy are little lovers is it a bad thing to do? I'm just worried I'm hurting them emotionally lol. I don't want them ending up in budgie therapy after all!
I just think it would be so much easier to work with Stella like this, but won't it it stresses Emmy and Gus out.
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