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Default In memory of Sodapop

Sodapop died during the night on 25/1/15. I had noticed a change in his droppings the last few days but otherwise he had seemed fine, so I didn't think much of it. Cookie had the same thing, but he returned to normal without a fuss. I was asleep and heard him fall off the perch. When I didn't hear him climb back on, I got up and turned the light on so he could see. But he was sitting on the floor of the cage, looking wobbly. I got him out and realised that he was very weak. I tried to call the vets' after hours line but could not get through, and Sodapop just stopped breathing. I feel so terrible that I hadn't gotten him checked out sooner, but I suppose I have now learned a valuable lesson.

I got Sodapop and Cookie as a present on my 15th birthday, 6 years ago. I guess that he was about 6mo old. I picked him out of a cage of budgies at the pet shop because of his bright green and yellow feathers. I spent hours and hours with them when they were young, taming them and training them to step up and sit on my shoulder. He never was as friendly as Cookie, but he wasn't afraid of me either. He was a pretty big guy, and never let Cookie push him around. He ate a bit more than was good for him but other than that he was always healthy and happy. Him and Cookie were the best of friends, and the both of them have always been there with me as I moved around interstate.

Cookie and I miss Sodapop terribly and wish he was still here with us. It is so hard to believe he is really gone after having him ever-present, chirping away for so long. He was with me as I became an adult, left my parents and went off to uni, through good times and bad. I will remember him as being beautiful, full of life and happiness, and a loyal friend to me and especially Cookie.

See you in heaven, Sodapop