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Talking Update On Ju

After I came home around January 18 from my vacation in Florida, I discovered that Ju's cere had turned chocolate brown and was crusty like a hen in breeding condition. However, Ju's male, and cere colour change isn't good. This happened a few months earlier, but went away in a week or so, and wasn't quite as brown. It was more of a tan, if I remember correctly. So anyways, I ruled out kidney disease this time around because his poop was completely normal and he wasn't drinking anymore than usual.

So, I started him on dandelion leaf and root tea immediately and his condition hasn't gotten any worse. No new symptoms have arose and he's acting like he normally does. At the start of the treatment, he seemed more hormonal, easily irritated like a hen. He was even fighting with his best friend, Charlie, just because he happened to be chattering near him! Now, he seems more like his old self and has been spending more time with Charlie again.

Ju's cere seems to be getting back to normal, too! Before, it was completely chocolate brown. Now, approximately a centimeter radius around his nostrils have become paler and I believe is turning blue. There's also a centimeter or so patch that is obviously blue in colour. My mom is even hopeful. He definitely isn't getting worse, and it definitely seems like he's improving. It's now only chocolate brown along the bottom third of his cere!

I was going to post photos of how his cere currently looks, but I'm having trouble uploading. I'm definitely going to try to upload again later so you guys can see for yourselves .
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