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Default Bye Bye Stormy

Yesterday was a sad day at my house.

Sparkle's partner in crime Stormy passed away.
I purchased both the boys together as they seemed bonded to each other at the store. They were like twins and did everything together at the same time.

If one got a bath the other did, one went to the seed bowl the other did, they would swing side by side even though they each had there own and of course were constant companions to one another.

At Christmas time I notice that Stormy had mites and I started treatment right away. About five days ago he started eating constantly, almost non stop for 6 days. I watched him for any signs of illness but we know that is not as easy as it sounds but he was singing, bathing, his poop was normal, drinking water and chatting with Sparkle. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary other than he was eating all the time.

Saturday and Sunday (morning) I was paying careful attention to them as it it brutally cold here in NJ. With the heat set at 75 the temp in my home was 47. We had very low temperatures and 60mph winds. So I made sure they were as warm as possible and checking on them often.

I was in another room and heard Sparkle screaming loudly, he was the louder of the two and was always chattering. But it dawned on me that the noise he was making sounded different. So I went to check out what was going on and Sparkle was "screaming" and racing back and forth on the perch. And sadly, Stormy was on the bottom of the cage and it was obvious that he had passed.

Needless to say Sparkle and I are very saddened and lonely. Sparkle keeps looking for his special friend and has been very quite.

Bye bye sweet Stormy. February 15 2015

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