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Default New Budgie vent problems?

I just got this little guy (hope he`s a male) from PETCO, one week ago, and when we arrived home, we noticed that he`s vent area was yellowish and poop sticked there. Also the feathers around the area were kinda wet and you could see the pink skin. We left him alone for 2-3 days. He didn`t drink much water in that time, and not cleaning his feathers. We decided to clean him with some warm water (with a cotton disc and put a little olive oil). He was all good for a few days, he started drinking water and also cleaning himself. Let`s say for two days he`s clean, but 3rd day poop sticks again (not every time), until he cleans himself. The poop looks normal, not watery. The area was not pink as it was in the beggining and the feathers are not wet, just yellowish. We talked at PETCO today, and they said that if it seems that he has problems, we can take him back as a return, they will take him to a vet, and if there are no problems with him, they will give it back to us, but if there are problems, we will just get a refund. The thing is that I`m afraid that if we take him back so the doctor can check him, they (the store), will rather give away the bird instead of taking him to the vet (it will be cheaper for them). I really want this little guy, he is so active, noisy and friendly. Can it be just a matter of time until he will be "normal", it can be just the adjusment? or he really needs to see a vet? at the store they didn`t have a lot of perches, they were walking on the "floor".
I`ll add some pictures

Here is how they are kept at the store(my little one is on the right, in the food bowl):

Second day at home:

After a few days, he already started acting up:

After one cleaning:

This is today:


Different position