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Default Please keep fingers crossed for baby rocky

Hello everyone

Just a quick vent as I am so upset today. Last night my poor devastated other half didn't see baby rocky on the floor and trod on him. Rocky was visibly very distressed and so we rang the vet immediately. We followed their advice overnight and this morning I took him to an avian vet.

The x-Ray shows no broken bones but he is so quiet and fluffed up, refusing to eat or sing. It's heartbreaking, he's normally my little pest, into absolutely everything. The vet is going to keep him/feed him for 24 hours to see how he gets on, but I just have a terrible feeling that his little organs might have been squashed.

I think my other half might actually kill himself out of guilt; he feels absolutely awful. And it was just a horrific accident. Rocky is never on the floor normally; he's usually too busy harassing our older bird!

Has anyone's bird survived anything similar in one piece? Please keep everything crossed for baby rocky, he's only 10 weeks old xx